Saturday, May 22, 2010

Creatively Speaking

So you all know that Matt can be a frickin mad genius with a little bit of wood and his large collection of tools. Well, he's at it again! In a couple of short weeks, we will be hosting a booth at the local AlleyFest and I knew that I would be needing some displays made up. Well, he came home with an extra sheet of plywood off a job and had plans to return it at Lowe's so I asked him what if we just actually USED it? He hasn't made everything yet, but check this out!!

I was at walmart where I had been trying to talk myself out of buying that fabric but I had this strong impulse to buy it and I'm so glad I did! How awesome is this!?

We went to Michael's the other day and bought the stuff to make these bad boys:

Thanks, hunny!!

In other news- Caegon has found his thumb!

Onward with my craft fair duties!!!
After I feed Caegon, of course! :)


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