Wednesday, July 11, 2012

500 Facebook Likes Giveaway!!

You guys helped me do a miraculous thing this week! We hit 500 likes on my Facebook page!! Whoooo!!

Ha! That being said, I think we should celebrate with a giveaway. I'll be nice and give you a choice. You can choose between a pair of earrings, a zipper bag or a bow for a little girl in your life.

Spread the love some more and get more friends involved to make it interesting!! Just comment below and tell me what you would like if you win. I'll close the giveaway on July 18th, so you have a week to enter to win!

Earrings: (surgical steel ear-hooks, striped agate rounds 6mm)

Bow: (4 inch bow on a small french barrette)

Zipper bag: (7 inches wide by 6 inches tall, cute for make up or pencil pouch or anything you could imagine)

Which goodie would you like??


Friday, October 21, 2011

250 Facebook Fans Giveaway!

Simply Sassy has hit a milestone in my opinion! We officially hit 250 fans (and actually surpassed that goal last night and hit 310 fans!!

As I promised - I am giving something away because I am ecstatic! I have had a hard time deciding what to give my fans, but think I finally came to a conclusion. 

A bracelet!! A tiger's eye stretchy bracelet in fact! <3 Woot!! :)

I'll be giving a week for entries, and then I'll be going to to pick a winner! Share this with your friends so they can join the fun!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pictures pictures pictures

I've come to realize taking pictures takes a lot of time. Especially when you have a decent amount of stock to take pictures of. Here's what I've been working on so far....

I can't wait until I can have a sunny craft room that I can work in until my fingers bleed, but until now, I think we're doing pretty darn good. :)

My little boy turned one this month and he sure is walking!

Big brother:

Oh the joys of parenthood :) I couldn't do without them!

Have a happy weekend!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

School Spirit

I've been thinking a lot about high school lately Of course, teenagers like to sport their school colors at events... Even during school ;). I work with a girl who has a daughter in high school, which has been a wonderful inspiration to my business. Who knew I just happened to have beads in her schyool colors (coincidence? I think not!!)?? SO naturally, I've been making stuff for her. I've made a stretchy seed bead bracelet (which thanks to technology, I have no pictures of) and a pair of earrings that I made this afternoon.

So, if you want to sport your school colors at events this year, send me a message with your school colors and I can make something for you!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holidays are coming!!

I haven't forgotten you guys, but man, have we been busy. It's amazing how much you get done without kids. I'm not saying they hold me back because I enjoy every minute of being mommy, but things just don't get done because they are SOOO CUTE!! I mean... come on... look at these faces!

Who wouldn't play with them????

But motivation, to say the least, has hit the pits. While raising them has been my primary priority, I haven't forgotten my dreams. I made trick or treat bags for the kids (well, I made them for the Yamboree in Gilmer, TX, but that's fine). But they are SOO awesome!

My sister in law came down in October to help me with the Yamboree so we set up our booths together as Bright Eyed Birdie and Simply Sassy Gifts. We had a blast and had a great time really getting to know each other. I can't wait to do it again! She has some awesome pendants and I've got two or three that have just lain around the house for several months just waiting for inspiration to strike! Well guess what - it did!! Last night, I made a necklace with one of the pendants and have taken pictures of it for your viewing pleasure. Tell me what you think!

Well, let me get back to the kiddos. Stay tuned for more adventures!

<3 Steph.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, I don't have a clue as to why I started this thing. It was a whim decision and I wish I had waited until next year. Matt was saying how cool it would be to do AlleyFest and somehow I found myself agreeing... Which don't get me wrong it probably would be cool once I got my legs under me a little better. I don't know if I've got a strong enough base to be doing a craft fair yet.

I've got beads, I've got displays, I've got fabric and a few things to sell.... But now it's time to make lots and lots of other things to sell and put a price on it. Then, I'll have to do even more... We'll actually have to go to AlleyFest and put my name/face out there. Am I frickin crazy??? As if I already didn't have a taste of social anxiety.

In just a couple of short weeks, we will be setting up for a booth in public for cryin out loud lol. I'm having a hard time getting things together and taking the time to start making things. Caegon is at such a fun age.... This is the time that mothers need to take it slow and really enjoy what a baby has to offer.. So why did I decide on an impulse to waste some of this precious time with him?

Matt said... When is AlleyFest anyway
I said.... First weekend of June.. Deadline to enter hasn't passed yet.
He said... We should enter a booth
I said... That would be pretty cool

....and now I'm kicking myself in the rear. I'm no where near ready. I don't really have the time to get ready for this. And seeing as they've already accepted my booth fee and there are no refunds after May 7th, I guess we're doing this thing.

Ready or not... Here we come Alleyfest!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Creatively Speaking

So you all know that Matt can be a frickin mad genius with a little bit of wood and his large collection of tools. Well, he's at it again! In a couple of short weeks, we will be hosting a booth at the local AlleyFest and I knew that I would be needing some displays made up. Well, he came home with an extra sheet of plywood off a job and had plans to return it at Lowe's so I asked him what if we just actually USED it? He hasn't made everything yet, but check this out!!

I was at walmart where I had been trying to talk myself out of buying that fabric but I had this strong impulse to buy it and I'm so glad I did! How awesome is this!?

We went to Michael's the other day and bought the stuff to make these bad boys:

Thanks, hunny!!

In other news- Caegon has found his thumb!

Onward with my craft fair duties!!!
After I feed Caegon, of course! :)


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