Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creatively Inclined

It's nice to be creatively inclined. It's even nicer to have people to share it with. My husband made me something I couldn't have even conceptualized. It's a shelf for those beading trays (you know the ones that have openings to hold the beads you're working with and the lines for the strands for necklaces). It's pretty nifty.

Here it is with weight on it, in my messy craft corner. Excuse the mess, I do have a 5 week old and haven't gotten around to cleaning my corner. <3

Here's the finished product. This way, I can design multiple necklaces and/or bracelets at once. How cool is that?? Thanks hubby. ;)

In other news, we went to visit my sister in law in San Antonio a couple of weekends ago. It was a wonderful visit and everyone got to meet Caegon. She is letting us use her cradle for him and it's just BEAUTIFUL.

Here's his first nap in the cradle. <3

Keep reading! There's always more to come.

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  1. That is very inventive of your husband. It's a great idea, you should sell it on Etsy.


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