Thursday, February 11, 2010


So much for living in Texas for warmth, lol. It's snowed ALL DAY today. It was actually quite pleasant. Kaleb - my 3 year old - had a BLAST today playing in the snow. We also took the new addition out for a "ride" in the snow. He wasn't as pleased lol.

Here are me and the little ones. <3

Snowball fight!!

Yayyy snowman. Yes, it's tiny. LOL. They just used what they could.
This was only 2 hours after the snow started this morning.

You can kind of see the flakes streaking by as we were on our way home. Those are the biggest flakes I've seen before. How pathetic is that? lol.

In other news, I got my new beads in last night and was up very late organizing then and sorting the old and new beads in my organizers. It was a fun experience. I can't wait to really dig into them. I've got some pictures and will share soon! <3

Keep watching for more!
oX Stephanie Xo

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  1. awww bless the boys! you're children are beautiful i hope you have a lovely weekend!


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