Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holidays are coming!!

I haven't forgotten you guys, but man, have we been busy. It's amazing how much you get done without kids. I'm not saying they hold me back because I enjoy every minute of being mommy, but things just don't get done because they are SOOO CUTE!! I mean... come on... look at these faces!

Who wouldn't play with them????

But motivation, to say the least, has hit the pits. While raising them has been my primary priority, I haven't forgotten my dreams. I made trick or treat bags for the kids (well, I made them for the Yamboree in Gilmer, TX, but that's fine). But they are SOO awesome!

My sister in law came down in October to help me with the Yamboree so we set up our booths together as Bright Eyed Birdie and Simply Sassy Gifts. We had a blast and had a great time really getting to know each other. I can't wait to do it again! She has some awesome pendants and I've got two or three that have just lain around the house for several months just waiting for inspiration to strike! Well guess what - it did!! Last night, I made a necklace with one of the pendants and have taken pictures of it for your viewing pleasure. Tell me what you think!

Well, let me get back to the kiddos. Stay tuned for more adventures!

<3 Steph.

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  1. Stephanie it's AMAZING!! I'm so sorry I haven't been to your blog sooner! You really are an amazing talent. Can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving :)


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