Sunday, January 31, 2010

Camera Time

I can't wait until tomorrow (at least I *hope* it's tomorrow, funds are pending). I'm going to get me a new camera. I played with it yesterday at Office Depot and I'm in love. I got right up on a sign and snapped a picture and you could actually read the words still. I couldn't have been more than an inch away! I went onto a review site and they have a forums where professionals recommend cameras for the purposes you're needing. I received 4 recommendations. I looked at a bunch of pages (like Amazon, Best Buy, etc) reading customer reviews before I made a decision. I'm looking to buy the Sony Cybershot DSC H20. It's beautiful, and it will do jewelry some justice. The guy that recommended it posted a flikr link to some pictures of jewelry photographed with that specific camera and they look amazing. I spent hours this morning browsing through shots of nature and action shots to see if I would like the other functions of it as well (I won't ONLY be taking pictures of jewelry!) and I think I'm in love. I probably sound crazy, but I can deal with that. =)

It's hard to have a 2 week old baby and not have a camera. I have missed so many opportunities to take pictures it's unreal. Disposables only do so much and I keep forgetting to get one while I'm out anyhow. So, soon I'll be able to really interact on here and on Etsy and really begin to bloom my business. I have great ideas and I just need to play with them now.

Wish me luck guys! <3

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